Seyfferdt Publishers is in the business of writing, developing and publishing educational textbooks for the TVET sector, in both the public and the private college market. We offer our services to educational institutions, bookshops and the broader public.

We provide a wide range of NATED and NCV textbooks which are developed by either full-time or part-time authors. Subject specialists with years of experience as authors are employed to produce learning content of the highest quality. Our authors adopt a comprehensible and educationally sound style of writing that is relevant and refreshing. Simply put, our textbooks are student-friendly. Our NATED and NVC series are written in accordance with the latest syllabi provided by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Not only do we have an extensive range of Business Studies, both NCV and NATED titles, but recently we expanded our NCV range of textbooks which now also include Information Technology titles as well as Safety in Society. We’ve furthermore embarked on expanding our NATED range to include Engineering titles. Our products range from student learning material to lecturer teaching and learning material. We not only provide hard copies of our teaching and learning material but also make them available as eBooks.

We’ve been operating for 30 years in the TVET market with excellence and integrity as our cornerstones. We believe in publishing textbooks of high quality that will not only empower students to master the content but also supports the lecturers to hone their skills as an educator.

We offer an all-in-one service. Seyfferdt Publishers manage all our own publishing, typesetting, graphic designing, printing and dispatching. As a company situated in Bapsfontein outside Pretoria East, we are proud of our world-class dispatch area that provides distribution services to educational institutions, bookshops and students by providing them with learning material at their doorstep. Our experienced marketing team travels nationwide to exhibit our range of titles while our friendly administrative team assist with orders and other enquiries.

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About Us


Seyfferdt Publishers was established in 1992 after Sonja Groenewald (CEO) and Helene Strydom (seasoned author) decided to write and publish an Accounting textbook for colleges.

Being lecturers at technical colleges in Pretoria and Nelspruit at the time, Sonja and Helene identified a need in the market. Up to that point, technical colleges had made use of school textbooks as none existed for these colleges. Shortly thereafter the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) released new syllabi for the various college subjects to publishers. Seyfferdt Publishers compiled textbooks for the various subjects and so the journey began. 30 Years later Seyfferdt Publishers is still going strong and has added a vast array of titles to its list, including an Engineering category as well as Information Technology and Safety in Society.

The Process

  1. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) releases the syllabi for the various subjects.
  2. Seyfferdt Publishers sources subject specialists to compile and write textbooks for the various subjects.
  3. The subject specialist uses the syllabus as a guideline to write the textbook. A great deal of research, time and effort is given to produce quality learning material.
  4. The manuscript is sent to the typesetter who sets the book in a publishable format. A team of graphic designers take care of the visual representation of the textbook.
  5. The first draft copy is printed and sent for proofreading.
  6. Necessary alterations to the design, layout and printing format are made.
  7. Language and typing errors are corrected.
  8. The textbook is reprinted, and a final copy is sent to the writer.
  9. Where relevant, the textbook is screened by the DHET.
  10. Colleges and bookshops can order textbooks through our website, by email or by fax.
  11. Textbooks are printed on demand, packaged, and dispatched from our facilities.

What Makes Us

We offer an all-in-one service.

We offer an all-in-one service. Seyfferdt Publishers is one of four companies forming part of Colourtech Holdings. As such, we do not need to outsource any service. We can manage your publishing, typesetting, graphic designing, printing, eBooks and dispatching. We aim to establish strong personal relationships with our clients. Not only do we supply hardcopies, but we also have eBooks available in most titles. Our writers employ a comprehensible writing style that is relevant and refreshing. Simply put, our textbooks are student-friendly. Excellence and integrity are our cornerstones. We believe in publishing textbooks of high quality; thereby empowering students to master their work. We also encourage feedback. The Seyfferdt Publishers team is always open to answering questions regarding our textbooks and can be reached via email.

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